5 Ways To Stay In Shape During Lockdown


Since the whole world right now is going through some rough time, many countries have started incorporation curfew or just a lockdown to protect you from the pandemic of coronavirus. This is great since many people have died of this virus and by doing this, governments are ensuring that death numbers stay low. And yes, you should power up through 3-4 weeks of quarantine. It’s not that bad. Many people don’t have the luxury of being safe at home at the lockdown pretty much doesn’t have any negative effect besides the fact that you aren’t spending your time outdoors. But still, for some, this can be pretty hard to handle. In this article, we’ll cover 5 ways to stay in shape during the lockdown. You should follow them if you don’t want to exit the lockdown unhealthier than you were prior to when it started and just to easier adjust going back to the normal state of living after all of this ends.

Exercise Regularly 

This one is pretty self explanatory and you probably knew that it’s first on the list. Since you’re at home, you won’t be moving way too much. This means that your body won’t have that much physical activity as it had prior to lockdown. You need to remember that even simple walking to the grocery store, work or to the park activates your body to some degree and now, when you can’t really go out, your body is simply lacking some proper exercise. To stay in shape, we suggest that you simply do a basic training which you can find on Youtube. There are thousands of videos out there which will cover the basics of home workout. For those workouts, you don’t need any kind of equipment (you can get equipment if you want to train on a higher level) and everything you need is your body weight. Do these exercises once every day and you’ll surely activate your body to some degree.

Eat Healthy

Yeah, we know that sitting at home all day can be pretty tiring. Jokes aside, what do people do often when they are bored or just have a lot of spare time to watch movies or play video games? They eat. And this is totally fine if your diet is healthy. But if your daily meals consist of burgers, pizza and other not so healthy meals, you might be facing an issue of coming out of the quarantine a bit fatter. Exercising regularly is something you should always do, but not eating healthy at the same time will pretty much reverse all the results you got from exercising. So, to avoid this, focus on healthy foods rich in proteins. You should also eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and ensure that you get proper nutrition throughout the day. 


While generally speaking, you get enough nutritions throughout the day just from eating your regular meals, the situation might be that you lack some of the essential vitamins for various reasons. For example, since you won’t be going out so much, you won’t be exposed to the sun a lot. Besides the lack of tan that you won’t be getting, you’re also going to have a lack of vitamin D which is essential for quality of hair, nails and skin. This is just one example. People can have deficiency of many vitamins and therefore, you should get some kind of multivitamin at the local store. Good idea is also to ensure that you get enough daily intake of Vitamin C as it is good for your immune system which needs to be strong at this point. 

Being Social

While this isn’t directly connected to your physical health, lack of speaking to other people and just hanging around can be hard for you mentally. Most people are used to doing various things throughout the day, some of which are hanging with friends or just going to a local cafe for a cup of coffee. While this may seem like something insignificant, it’s actually very important that you don’t neglect your friendships during the lockdown. This means that you need to be socially active. Chat with friends, play online games together or just FaceTime each other. Depression is more common than you may think, and being in a lockdown alone won’t exactly make it go away. In fact, it will make depression occur when you expect it the least.

Drink Water

If you read basically any health related article, you’ll notice that they all say the same. Daily water intake is extremely important. And it’s true. While in lockdown, drinking enough water should be on the top of your to-do list. Even if you aren’t doing much exercise and aren’t thirsty, keep in mind that an average individual should tring 2-3 liters of water per day. It’s healthy for every single part of your body and you shouldn’t neglect it. 

Stay Safe and It Will Be Over

All in all, you need to know that this will all end. As with other bad things, you’ll be looking at this lockdown in the future and smile knowing that you’re living in a time when you can do pretty much anything you want while being in quarantine. That’s the modern age for you. Just stay safe, stay positive and stay healthy.


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