Olimp – Carbonox – 1kg


Carbonox™ is based on carefully compiled sources of carbohydrates selected according to the preciselydetermined profiles of digestion rates and the release of monosaccharides into the bloodstream.  Laboratory-selected proportions of carbohydrate sources of high (glucose), medium (maltodextrin) and low (innovative extended-release isomaltulose) glycemic indexes which guarantee the  stable saturation of blood with energy components for the 2 hours after the preparation is consumed.

The universal character of its composition makes Carbonox™ a perfect product to be used both during and after a workout session. It constitutes a constant source of energy necessary to continue long-term sports activity. The high content of isomaltulose and maltodextrins ensure that a stable insulin level is maintained during a workout session and guarantees the consistent and effective supply of necessary energy components to the working muscle cells.

Olimp – Carbonox – 1kg
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